Why Is Micropigmentation Getting Popular Day By Day?

Why Is Micropigmentation Getting Popular Day By Day?

If you follow the latest hair-styling and fashion trends on Instagram, then micro-pigmentation shouldn’t be an alien term for you. It’s done on eyebrows and scalp. The treatment performed on eyebrows is called microblading, while the one performed on the scalp is called scalp micro-pigmentation. Both sound similar but are quite different from each other. 

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Before you head to Rockstar Ink for a detailed on SMP, let’s try to learn what differentiates it from microblading. Both of these treatments are used to give a fuller hairy look to brows and scalp. However, in microblading, a handheld tool is used to implant hair pigments under eyebrow skin. Whereas in the scalp micro-pigmentation, experts use an electric tattooing device to implant pigment in the scalp area. 

Since the skin on the scalp area is harder than the skin under eyebrows, it requires an electric device to perform the treatment.  

You must have seen many celebrities, college-going students, and working professionals talking about micro pigmentation lately. It’s because both microblading and SMP are getting more popular day by day. 

Hair loss has become a common problem these days. While for some people, it happens on the scalp area; for others, it happens on eyebrows, face, and other hair-bearing body parts. Both the techniques mentioned above ensure that people suffering from hair loss can live a normal life without any embarrassment whenever they step outside of their houses. Make sure you check them out soon and give a try without any further delay.