Proscar Vs. Propecia — Does Proscar Work?

Proscar Vs. Propecia — Does Proscar Work?

Every year, thousands of new patients report hair loss cases in the US. Some of these cases are due to eating unhygienic food, but most are due to male pattern baldness, commonly known as alopecia. 

There is no known cure for alopecia in medical science. However, many hair care experts prescribe certain medicines to keep it under control. One of these medicines is Propecia. Usually, it sounds similar to Proscar, which is why many people get confused between the two. This guide will help clear these doubts and explain what these medicines are used for. 

Propecia is available as a 1 mg tablet and is recommended by medical practitioners to male patients suffering from pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. It can not be recommended to women suffering from alopecia or men suffering from hair loss due to any other reason. Proscar, on the other hand, is prescribed for the treatment of BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in men who have an enlarged prostate. Its tablets are available in 5 mg doses and should be taken only after consulting an expert medical professional. 

This clears all your doubts regarding hair loss and Propecia. Learn more about other treatments available in the market by visiting Simply Scalp, which is known for offering world-class scalp micropigmentation services. 

Now that you know the difference between Proscar and Propecia, never get confused between the two and take Proscar to control hair loss due to alopecia. It doesn’t work that way and will expose you to a huge risk of severe medical problems if taken without consulting an expert. 

Keep these points in mind to save yourself from unnecessary troubles and inconvenience while dealing with alopecia.