Has a Hair Transplant Boosted Steve Carell’s Career?

Has a Hair Transplant Boosted Steve Carell’s Career?

Who hasn’t heard about The Office’s widely acclaimed boss Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell? Those who watched The Office also noticed Scott’s growing hairline from season one to season two and the rest that followed. 

Although the actor never accepted the fact that he underwent a hair transplant of some sort, millions of viewers who followed his journey in The Office cannot deny that he did something to his hair. Whatever the case may be, this step helped Carell find his spot in the American Cinema and get the acknowledgment that an actor of his class deserves. 

Before The Office aired, he acted in Bruce Almighty (2003), Anchorman (2004), and a few small-time gigs here and there. But as soon as The Office aired in 2005, his role as the regional manager Michael Scott having hair loss problems, gained a lot of popularity. However, as his fan following grew along with The Office’s view count in season two, Carell’s hair magically reappeared. From that point, he never had to look back as an actor. 

Some believe he got a hair transplant done, while others still think it was some makeup, concealer, or wig. In any case, there is no one can deny the fact that his hair growth was simultaneously proportional to his popularity at a global platform, and the number of awards he begged in the following years. 

The hair transplant indeed boosted Steve Carell’s career big time. According to experts at https://www.scalpmicro.uk/, hair transplant directly impacts a person’s confidence level, whether he is a regular working professional or an acclaimed celebrity like Carell. 

That said, no one can take the credit away from Carell for his outstanding acting and dedication, without which he couldn’t have achieved the amount of success that he did otherwise.