Does hair loss shampoo work?

Does hair loss shampoo work?

It seems like shampoos nowadays can do it all. They can minimize dandruff, fix split ends, and even make hair dye last longer. It’s only a matter of time before shampoo companies come up with a formula that can also file your taxes for you.

One interesting claim that some shampoos make is that they have the ability to stop and even reverse hair loss.

Some shampoos might be able to help

Depending on the reason for the hair loss, shampoos can help. Dandruff, when picked at, can cause hair loss due to the irritation on the scalp, and the abundance of yeast can also impede growth. Special shampoos that contain ketoconazole target the yeast on the scalp directly to reduce the amount of dandruff present. In turn, hair can begin to grow back and remains healthy as long as the dandruff is kept at bay.

Other people experience hair loss due to psoriasis. Special shampoos that have steroids in them can treat this skin condition and heal and open sores that might have been caused due to scratching. Hair can grow back once the irritation is gone and the swelling is reduced.

Now, the reason that these special shampoos help out is because of the root of the problem. Both dandruff and psoriasis are scalp issues, and are therefore directly affected by the type of shampoo used.

Why shampoo doesn’t always work

For conditions such as alopecia, male- or female-pattern baldness, and others, shampoos can’t do anything to stop the loss. The problem can be worsened by additional hair loss in the eyebrows, though a procedure called microblading, preformed by clinics like Looks by Liyah, can help restore the appearance of fuller brows.

These conditions exist long before they make it to the scalp, so there’s nothing to stop them once they begin. Researchers are working on special pills and other treatment options to combat hair loss, but there is still a long way to go. Until we know more about these underlying causes, we cannot do much to stop them.


Instead of constantly being disappointed in your shampoo, here are some alternative options to consider while waiting for a cure for hair loss.

  • Scalp micropigmentation. Micropigmentation in Los Angeles can help hide thinning hair. SMP works by depositing ink onto the scalp so that it blends in seamlessly with any hair that is remaining. In addition, this can work with facial hair, filling in any sparse areas on a beard or mustache.
  • A hairpiece. Toupees, wigs, or extensions can all be viable alternatives to hair loss shampoos. These can completely cover the missing hair in such a way that the average person would not be able to notice. If your hair loss is due to chemotherapy or another medical condition, your insurance provider may be able to cover some of the costs of a wig.
  • Shaving. Shaving your head completely gets rid of the need to hide hair loss. If there’s no hair at all, there’s no embarrassing patchy areas. Frequent shaving help keep this look fresh, while also reducing the amount of itchy stubble growing.